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Beyond the Bench is a podcast series produced by the Florida Supreme Court.  These podcasts will give you a better understanding of how Florida's courts work and how they work for you. Shows cover a broad range of topics and are meant to be informational, educational and entertaining.

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Jun 7, 2018

Supreme Court Staff Attorneys A. Mireille Fall-Fry and Michelle BallardWhy do justices need attorneys? A. Mireille Fall-Fry and Michelle Ballard, both staff attorneys who have worked for the court for 12 and 19 years respectively, answer this question. Their unique perspectives provide insight into the daily life and work of a staff attorney at the supreme court. They serve as a resource for justices to facilitate impartial, well-reasoned decisions.

Links: Transcript / Internal Operating Procedures / The Operation and Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Florida (2005)